Schedule of Events

Saturday, September 22 – Sunday September 23th, 2018

Goat Obstacle Course – Saturday at 4pm

2018 is the year of the 4th annual goat obstacle course at OFFF. This is a challenging course for handler and goat alike, but with a great sense of humor. Entries are judged on the partnership between goat and handler, showmanship, and the flexibility of the handler, as we know, goats have a mind of their own! The course includes obstacles that you may find in anyone’s backyard and more! Come Join the fun on Saturday at 4pm! Goats must be secure in a halter or sturdy collar.

Hands on Activities – Saturday and Sunday 1-3pm

‘Make and take’ activities take place Saturday and Sunday from 1-3 pm in the activities tent on the central lawn. Some activities may have a small fee to cover cost of materials.


Fiber Craft Demonstrations

Watch for crafters and artisans sharing their specialties each day during the festival. You can pick up a daily schedule of events at the main gate information booth. The following will take place in upstairs in the main pavilion.

Monumental FELT: The Artwork and Process of Janice Arnold

Textured Felt by Janice Arnold Textured Felt by Janice Arnold

Janice Arnold has been redefining handmade Felt since 1999. Arnold’s virtuosity as an artist is evident in the multifaceted refined character of her work which ranges from wafer thin, light-responsive pieces to dense rock-like slabs. She cohesively balances function and design with intention, to create textile art in harmony with purpose.

Born and raised in Vancouver Washington, she is the daughter of the legendary cartographer Philip Arnold and Helen Arnold. She credits her creativity to her upbringing where she also learned her sense of scale and global perspective.

Arnold’s immersive installations, transfigure spaces in ways that are both ethereal and awe-inspiring, using her bespoke handmade Felt as the central element. Her community felting events bring cross-cultural understanding to life through experiences that integrate art and science. Her art practice is rooted in research that honors the ancient nomadic traditions of feltmaking. Her work is experiential and expressive and continues to redefine how we think about Felt in contemporary art.

Arnold exhibits and presents internationally. Her work is part of the permanent collections of the Smithsonian, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Cirque du Soleil, Wolfgang Puck, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, the Nordstrom Corporations and Seattle Center Key Arena.

Claire Petersen has worked with Janice Arnold as a studio assistant since 2015. Petersen spent her senior year at TESC as Arnold’s full-time intern for the exhibition FELT DeCoded, Arnold’s 2017 solo exhibition at Museum of Craft & Design in SF. She filled many roles from design assistant to documentarian and collaborated on pieces in the exhibition.

Claire is also an educator with work based in Social Practice using wool as a healing material that connects people of all generations to art and craft. She founded two programs for children: a Forest Preschool; and childcare program for families experiencing homelessness. Both programs continue today. She currently works as a director and educator for Nature Nurtures Farm and as Janice Arnold’s assistant.

Pygora Social and Spin-in – Friday at 7pm

The Northwest Pygora Goat Club invites you to a Pie and Ice Cream Social and Spin-In on Friday at 7pm in Clackamas Hall. The social is open to all who want to learn more about Pygora goats, their fiber, spinning, and the Northwest Pygora Goat Club. For more information, contact Erica Brown (503/329-1262)

Spinning/Fiber Crafter’s Circle

Sit under the maple tree and share the enjoyment of your craft with others. All handcrafters are welcome.

Festival Shearing – Sunday 9am to finish

shearer at work
The Festival Shearer, Correy McAtee, will offer sheep shearing services to exhibitors in Bay 7 (behind the livestock barn). Prices will be posted and payable to the shearer. Visitors are welcome to watch.

Parking Lot Fleece Sale – Sunday 9am-3pm

parking lot fleece sale
Held in the Rosebrook Arena, sell some of those “Extra” Fleeces you have hanging around or pick up fleeces for a new project.
Note: An eligible fleece is one that is raw or has been washed. Fiber processed in any other way is not eligible.

  • OFFF provides space under cover in an arena with a sawdust floor. Bring a table, tarp or other protection for your fiber.
  • The seller registers at 8:30-9:00 am at the sale area and:
    • pays $10 for 1-5 fleeces, $20 for 6-15 fleeces or $30 for 16 or more fleeces
    • is responsible for the transactions; OFFF is not responsible for transactions between buyer and seller
    • must have someone with their fleeces at all times during the sale
  • All further sales allowed only at vendor booths
  • All fleeces must be removed at 3:00 pm.



Knitting, spinning, weaving and lace – guilds of all kinds participate and contribute to the Festival each year. Demonstrating, sharing and teaching are only a few ways guild members contribute. The Festival thanks them for all they do at the Festival and in their communities. Look for some of these guilds on the central lawn and upstairs in the main pavilion.