The fiber division is located upstairs in the Main Pavilion and is co-chaired by Naomi Royle and Sue Lambert. The goal of the fiber division is to recognize and appreciate the unique qualities and characteristics of various natural fibers and encourage artistic and craft disciplines which utilize these fibers. Lace is the 2017 OFFF celebrated handcraft while pygora fiber is the celebrated fiber.

Come visit the fiber division and view these fun and educational displays and demonstrations:

  • Sally McCarrick Fiber Creations And Skein Competition: knitting, crocheting, felting, spinning, weaving and miscellaneous fiber art Invitational Artists Gallery
  • Pygora Skein Display
  • Alpaca Association of Western Oregon 5th Annual Spin-Off Competition Results
  • Creative Crochet display
  • Damascus Fiber Arts School weaving demo
  • Portland Handweavers Guild display
  • Ravenstail weaving demo. by John Beard
  • Tigard Knitting Guild display
  • Pygora Breeders  Fiber Show/display; judging is open to the public and questions are welcome
knit lace leaf shawlknit sweaterfelt mountain goat hanging

Fiber Division Awards

Fiber division entry form. Entries are due by September 18th, 2017.
  • Ribbons awarded through 5th place in the Fiber Creations and Skein competitions
  • Rosettes awarded to Champion, Reserve Champion, Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion winning entries
  • Diamond Award Trophy and $100 cash presented in the Skein and the Fiber Creations competitions
  • Prizes awarded as donated:
    • Portland Handweavers Guild for Best Handwoven ($25)
    • Portland Handweavers Guild for Best Handwoven Item by a Beginner or Judge’s Choice ($25). If handwoven items include braids, bands or straps on them or are a braid, band, or strap alone or have been woven of the featured fiber, llama, those criteria are given weight in the judging
    • Tigard Knitting Guild Judge’s Choice award ($25)
    • Always In Stitches Crochet Guild Judge’s Choice award ($25)
    • Felting Judge’s Choice award gift box (donated by Whistlestop Farm)

Fiber Division Displays

Alpaca Association of Western Oregon 5th Annual Spin-Off Competition Results Contestants submit samples of their alpacas' fleeces and an ex-perienced judge/spinner evaluates the fiber based on several qualities. This competition provides the alpaca breeder with val-uable information for upgrading the quality of fiber from these beautiful animals. This exhibit also is a great guide to help with buying that next alpaca fleece!

Pygora Goat Skein Display Members of the Club and from the Pygora Breeders Association showcase their handiwork in an educational exhibit featuring handspun skeins of Pygora fiber and Pygora blends. This dis-play will demonstrate the fineness of Pygora fiber as well as its versatility. Of special interest are skeins from older Pygoras, proving that these fiber goats maintain their fiber fineness throughout their lives. For instructions to enter a skein, please see the PBA website or Facebook page.

Creative Crochet Display Members of the Oregon Chapter of the Crochet Guild of America, Always in Stitches, will display projects showing the latest trends in the craft. Damascus Fiber Arts School Weaving Demonstrations Members of the Damascus Fiber Arts School will demonstrate tapestry weaving and weaving on the Navajo-style loom. They will bring examples of tapestries, handspun hand-dyed yarns, baskets, knitting and more.

Portland Handweavers Guild Display Portland Handweavers Guild will present an educational exhibit at OFFF 2016 featuring handwoven items along with braids, bands and cords of all kinds as executed by our membership. In addition, we will show the materials used to make the items along with the tools we use. Do stop by and view the exhibit to learn more about our craft and artistry.

Ravenstail Weaving Ravenstail weaving (a very old weaving tradition from the Native American peoples of southeast Alaska), will be demonstrated by John Beard all day Sunday, upstairs in the Main Pavilion. John will weave on an apron or legging for one of his robes. Completed robes on display, as well as smaller regalia he has woven. Come watch, listen and ask questions as he shares his experiences with Ravenstail weaving.

Tigard Knitting Guild Knitting Display Members of the Tigard Knitting Guild will display knit projects and fashions.