Knitting: Sivia Harding

Sivia Harding has worked with fiber and art as long as she can remember. A few nota-ble fiber events from her youth were having fiber pieces shown in the High Museum of Atlanta's gift shop when she was 14, and being chosen to at-tend the prestigious Governor's Honors summer program in fiber art when she was 16. By adult-hood, Sivia was a weaver, spinner and dabbler in dyeing and other modalities, but only learned how to knit in her mid-40s. Almost immediately, she began to design lace patterns. Now she is a knitwear designer known mainly for her work with beads and lace. She designs accessories and garments, as well as specializing in Moebius knitting. Sivia loves teaching because of the ideas and enthusiasm that happen in a class setting. Her design work has been widely published under her name, in many books and other collections including Jared Flood's Wool People series, and in online magazines such as Twist Collective and Knitty. Look for Sivia’s work on Ravelry and on her website ( Recent up-dates are publicized through her mailing list, on her Ravelry group, and on Facebook and Twitter. Sivia first attended OFFF in 2009. She has attended every year since then and has taught at the event as well  

Felting: Patricia Spark Patricia Spark, whose MFA is from the University of Washington, is a practicing artist whose focus is felt making, and dyeing techniques. She exhibits her art work nationally and internation-ally and is the author of several books, including The Water-Color Felt Workbook, Making Faces Us-ing Wet and Dry Felting Methods, Fundamentals of Feltmaking and Scandinavian Style Felt Making. Patricia has an extensive background in teaching and evaluating art which spans over 40 years, including 16 years as a university art pro-fessor teaching all areas of fiber art, drawing, basic design and color theory. She taught internationally for the Central Asian Craft Support Association in Kyrgyzstan, at the World Symposium of Traditional and Contemporary Felt Art in Hungary, the Georgian International Felting Conference, the Finnish International Felting Conference, and the In-ternational Felting Festival in Sweden. She also has taught several times at Convergence (the biennial conference of Handweavers Guild of America) and at regional conferences in North America. Currently, she teaches workshops in felting, dyeing and design. Most recently, Pat enjoys writing for the magazine Felt, an Australian publication. Look for Pat's new collar workshops in your area and learn these cool new techniques. A former HGA and Association of NW Weavers Guild board member, Patricia is a partner in Fine Fiber Press – a small publishing house for books on tapestry weaving, felt making and related fiber arts. She is also a member of Gallery Caloopia in Albany, Oregon, where you can see her current work.  

Crochet:Nancy Newcomb

Crochet: Nancy Newcomb has had an interest in crochet from a very early age. It wasn't until she was pregnant with her oldest daughter that her interest grew into a passion. She bought yarn, a hook, and How To instructions and crocheted an afghan for her baby. And she has continued to crochet ever since. Nancy is a member of the Crochet Guild of Ameri-ca. She has served as President of the Tigard crochet guild, Always In Stitches, and continues to serve as a board member. She also served as a board member of the Tigard Knitting Guild. 2016 will be her third year judging crochet at the Oregon State Fair. For the past several years, Nancy has volunteered at OFFF assisting with organizing and setting up the Crochet Display upstairs in the Pavilion building. You often can find Nancy working with hook and yarn making some of the whimsical pieces she enjoys. These include eyeballs, food, gnomes (Roman and Steve), and Sexy Turkey Hat. She continues to expand her knowledge by taking classes locally and nationally.  

Handspun Skeins: Barb Quinn

Barbara Quinn is a string slinger. She has been slinging string for over 50 years and has been a member of NwRSA for 25 of those years. She spins, knits, tats, crochets, beads (both off loom and on), works on leather and has tried her hand at weaving. In the process of pursuing her past time, she has been known to design a sweater or two. Hand spinning (both with wheel and spindling) has opened new doors for creation finding that handspun yarns didn’t have the same properties as commercial yarns. This brought her to explore yarn structure, fibre properties and knitting original garments. She willingly shares her knowledge with anyone who will listen. She lives in Vancouver, WA, retired, and gives her time to teaching, travel and enjoying the company of her Springer Spaniel, Zoë and Hannah Belle, her mini-dachshund. She has been teaching needle arts for 30 years.  

Weaving: Ladella Williams

Ladella began her weaving journey in 1956, taking a class offered by the San Francisco Park Bureau. She was the only student who finished the entire warp. Later, she acquired a loombegan working her way throughweaving books. Eventually, she took classes from Alice Drew at the Little Loom House sponsored by the Portland Parks Bureau, where she learned “one can make mistakes and turn them into a new idea.” Ladella appreciates the many weaving mentors and teachers who have shared their knowledge with her to the extent their detail surfaces in her weavings. She lives in Portland and is a member of the Portland Handweavers Guild, serves on their Board of Directors and oversees exhibits and demonstrations. Ladella served as president of Complex Weavers, an international organization, and in 1996, chaired the Complex Weavers Seminars in Portland. A past president of the Association of Northwest Weavers Guilds, Ladella has helped organize many weaving exhibits, including the PHG exhibits at OFFF.   Sally McCarrick Fiber Creations/Skein Competition Gallery Curators Bob and Betsy Bailey are the competition curators for the Fiber Arts Division of OFFF.wonderful individuals create beautiful displays which, as Bob says, "treat each piece of art as being very special".the OFFF Facebook page to see photos of their work and visit the Gallery to see the artistic display in person.