Activities And Demonstrations

Hands-On Activities
’Make and Take’ activities happen each day from 1–3 pm in the Activities tent on the central lawn and Saturday and Sunday. Some activities may have a small fee to cover cost of materials.

Fiber Craft Demonstrations
Watch for crafters and artisans sharing their specialties each day during the festival. You can pick up a daily Schedule of Events at the main gate information booth. The following will take place upstairs in the main pavilion:

  • John Beard demonstrates Ravenstail weaving, a craft tradition of the Native culture in SE Alaska until about 1830.
  • Damascus Fiber Arts School personnel demonstrate various styles of weaving
  • Flax And linen display and film
  • Norwegian fiber arts exhibit
  • Portland Handweavers Guild display
  • Damascus Fiber Arts School weaving demonstration

Parking Lot Fleece Sale
The parking lot fleece sale is Sunday, 9-3, in the Rosebrook Arena. Sell some of those “extra” fleeces you have hanging around or pick up fleeces for a winter project.

  • OFFF provides space undercover in an arena with a sawdust floor. Bring a table, tarp or other protection for your fiber.
  • The seller registers at 8:30-9:00 am at the sale area and:
  1. pays $7 for 1-5 fleeces, $15 for 6-15 fleeces or $25 for 16 or more fleeces,
  2. is responsible for the transactions; OFFF is not responsible for transactions between buyer and seller
  3. must have someone with their fleeces at all times during the sale
  • All further sales allowed only at vendor booths.
  • All fleeces must be removed at 3:00 pm.

Note: An eligible fleece is one that is raw or has been washed. Fiber that has been processed in any other way is not eligible.

Festival Shearing
Sunday 9:00 am until finished. The Festival shearer, Correy
McAtee, will offer sheep shearing services to interested exhibitors
at Bay 7 (behind the livestock barn). Prices are posted and
payable to the shearer. Visitors are welcome to watch!

Spinning/Fiber Crafter’s Circle
Sit under the maple tree and share the enjoyment of your craft
with others. All handcrafters are welcome.

Duck Herding
Come watch skilled border collies ably managed by Charlotte
Jackson as they demonstrate their herding abilities by moving a
flock of ducks on the floral lawn at 11 am Saturday and Sunday.

Knitting, spinning, weaving and lace – guilds of all kinds participate
and contribute to the Festival each year. Demonstrating,
sharing and teaching are only a few ways guild members contribute.
The Festival thanks them for all they do at the Festival and in
their communities. Look for some of these guilds on the central
lawn and upstairs in the main pavilion. If your Guild would like to
be present at the Festival, please contact Kristy Bellavita

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