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Show Times

  • Lot H-K: Classic Sheep; includes: Shetland (H), Icelandic (I), Jacob (J) and Navajo Churro (K) —Saturday at 9:00 am
  • Lot A: White Wool—Saturday following Classic sheep
  • Lot D: Colored Wool—following the White Wool sheep show; check at the show ring for Lot show times.

Livestock Division General Rules apply

Coordinator And Entries: Jodi Rametes, 503/475-3003 or

Judge: Doug Montgomery and his wife Karen have been raising Ja-cob and Navajo-Churro sheep for more than 20 years at bide a wee farm, in Newberg, OR. In addition to selling registered breeding stock around the country, they sell award winning handspinner’s fleeces, colorful sheepskins and USDA lamb cuts at local farmers markets. The family successfully exhibits their sheep and wool at local and regional shows and fairs and is proud to have won both the first and the last OFFF Wool Show. Doug has judged both sheep and wool at a number of venues in the Western USA including the Monterey County Fair (CA) and the Puyallup Fair (WA). In addition, Doug serves as a breed inspector for the Jacob Sheep Breeders Association and the Navajo-Churro Sheep Association.

Note: The judge will select and evaluate the top 10 sheep in any class with more than 15 sheep entered and where ribbons 1-5 are awarded.


Sheep may be entered in only one wool category:

  • F (Fine): spin count 60s and up (24.94μ and lower)
  • M (Medium): spin count 50-58 (24.95-30.99μ)
  • L (Long/Coarse): spin count 48 and lower (31μ and up)

Sheep Show Classes

  • 1 – Yearling rams (less than 24 months)
  • 2 – Ram lambs (less than 12 months)
  • 3 – Yearling ewes (less than 24 months)
  • 4 – Ewe lambs (less than 12 months)
  • 5 – * Best Flock—one ram and two ewes (any age)
  • 6 – * Best Fleece—judged on the condition of fleece on the ani-mal that day, including uniformity, handle and condition as it relates to value and use for the hand spinning/craft market.
    * Must have been shown in individual classes.
  • 7 – *Pair of Ram Lambs
  • 8 – *Pair of Ewe Lambs

The Sheep Diamond Award show is Saturday around 4 pm.

2015 winners

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