WS 705 Round Yoke Cowls


WS 705 Round Yoke Cowls
Fee $95 Knitting
Instructor: Sivia Harding
When: Friday, Sep 22, 9:30am-4:30pm
Skill Level: Intermediate

Cowls are certainly a simple idea; a covering for the neck. They can be as simple in execution as a circular knitted tube. However, the same neck covering can be a lovely blank canvas on which to project ideas as complex as anything the knitter’s imagination can conjure up. Aside from adding stitch patterns found in dictionaries, fitted cowls that are shaped to conform to the body are especially versatile because they can be worn inside or outside of outer garments, or instead of outer garments, and a round yoke cape is a simple extension of this idea. You will receive a template based on the shape of round yoke sweaters that works for any size.
Students should bring: at least 200 yds and up to 600 yds of yarn in whatever weight you like to knit. Circular needle, 24″ long, in size(s) appropriate for your yarn. Stitch markers, cable needle if you are doing a cable pattern, graph paper, pencil, eraser, sticky notes or highlighter tape to keep track of your place in a chart.