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WS 706 Felted Gloves and Mittens Fee $105 Wet Felting Instructor: Flora Carlile-Kovacs When: Friday, Sep 22, 9:30am-4:30pm Skill Level: Beginner to Advanced Making a custom size pair of gloves/mittens is a great opportunity to learn how to make a 3-D object starting with a 2-D resist pattern. In this workshop, students will develop confidence in planning a project, estimating the shrinkage and enlarging the pattern. Students will be challenged with making an even and thin wool layout and will learn some tricks of the trade that the instructor has learned through years of experience. Students should bring a notebook, pen/pencil for notes, 2 hand towels, 3x3’ bubble wrap or rubber rug mat (small holes), 3x3 cotton sheet (old cloth), sprinkler if you have one, to wet the felt, 1 olive oil soap bar in a container, small bowl for water, sharp and pointy scissors, tape measure, ruler, (waterproof) apron if needed, comfortable shoes.