WS 707 Beautiful Holes: Experimental Crocheted Lace – Class Full!


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WS 707 Beautiful Holes: Experimental Crocheted Lace
Fee $98 Crochet
Instructor: Bonnie Meltzer
When: Friday, Sep 22, 9:30am-4:30pm
Skill Level: Students should know how to do a chain and second row in any stitch

Lace is about holes, but the holes are not empty places: they are shapes that give character to the fabric. The crocheted yarn is the contrast that defines the voids. In this class you will expand your idea of traditional lace to make gorgeous holes surrounded by exciting crochet. Experiment with a wide variety of materials (wire, cord, ribbon) and techniques (stitches, armatures, crocheting over a core) that keep the holes from collapsing. Understanding the concepts will help you design lacy crocheted artworks and functional items in any scale after the class. Crocheting without patterns is easier than you think. Students should bring: scissors, safety pins, an assortment of crochet hooks, include size K and above for thicker materials, 1 crocheted 8″ x 8″ square in any color or stitch. Optional: yarns, rope, cord, wire. strips of fabric or yardage that can be made into strips, magnetic tape, anything pliable enough to crochet.