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WS 711 Charting An Accurate Break Even Point

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WS 711 Charting An Accurate Break Even Point Fee $55 Small Business Instructor: Heidi Leugers When: Friday, Sep 22, 9:30am-12:30pm Skill Level: All Welcome Can you afford (not) to sell your hand spun yarn, your felt hats, your specialty cheese, animal's fiber, meat, or any other creation in the market place? At what price point does the quantity you can or would be willing to produce, give you the most profit? How many units need to be produced and sold before your fixed costs and production costs are recovered at a particular price in a given time period? While no theoretical model is perfect, this workshop will give you the nuts and bolts of creating a basic, informative break-even graph to answer these questions and guide you and your goals through the maze of competitive and profitable pricing. With plenty of time for discussion, questions and answers, the goal of this class is to leave you feeling more empowered to make informed choices for your creative endeavor that considers your time, energy and personal goals for your hobby, homestead or business. Students should bring note taking materials.