naturally dyed yarn, image by Linda Hartshorn

WS 731 Natural Colors to Dye For – Class Full!


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WS 731 Natural Colors to Dye For - Class Full! Fee $115 Dyeing Instructor: Linda Hartshorn When: Saturday, Sep 23, 9:30-4:30pm Skill Level: All welcome Learn about the beautiful natural dyes that come from plants, minerals and insects. We will dye wool yarn six different colors: Brazilwood red, cochineal magenta, onion yellow, madder root orange, logwood purple, and green with iron. We start by preparing the dye baths and a mordant bath with alum. The dyestuffs are simmered in water and strained to yield a dye. Yarns are put first in the mordant bath, then in the dye bath, then rinsed and dried. Take home the yarns to use for knitting or weaving, and a handout of recipes to try on your own. Students should bring scissors, black sharpie marker, old clothes or an apron, gloves, extra undyed protein fiber yarn to dye as time permits.