WS 742 The Unbroken Method: A New Sweater Construction


WS 742 The Unbroken Method: A New Sweater Construction
Fee $60 Knitting, garment construction
Instructor: Mer Stevens
When: Saturday, Sep 23, 9:30-12:30pm
Skill Level: Intermediate

The Unbroken Method of sweater construction is a deceptively simple way of knitting a sweater. This seamless construction method allows for an enormous amount of off-road knitting because, unlike other construction methods, the major measurements of the upper body are independently adjustable. In this class students will be walked through the basics of how this sweater is made and will have an opportunity to work out the math for designing their own garment based on this construction. We will explore the benefits and drawbacks of each major method of sweater construction and we will play with the design possibilities of the Unbroken Method. Students should bring yarn and needles or hooks they would like to work with. Students should arrive with a blocked 6” square swatch in a yarn and stitch pattern they plan to work with for their sweater. In addition they will need a measuring tape or ruler, pen and a calculator.