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WS 754 “I’ve Bought a Fleece – Now What do I DO With it?”

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WS 754 "I've Bought a Fleece – Now What do I DO With it?" Fee $60 Fiber selection and processing Instructor: Shelia January When: Saturday, Sep 23, 1:30-4:30pm Skill Level: Love the smell of raw wool You're a spinner or a spinner wannabe who has taken (or will be taking) the plunge and purchased your first fleece and wants to know how to process it, or you’ve tried to process a fleece and had results that you are less than pleased with. This is the class for you. We’ll look at a sheep wool fleece, talk about skirting, soaking, washing, picking, and carding or combing, plus get hands-on experience with each process. Bring a sheep fleece with you if you’ve just bought one or have one you'd like looked at, and we'll give you advice and help with it! Students should bring hand cards or combs if you have them.