WS 756 Teneriffe Lace Buttons


WS 756 Teneriffe Lace Buttons
Fee $65 Needle Lace
Instructor: Ilisha Helfman
When: Saturday, Sep 23, 1:30-4:30pm
Skill Level: All Welcome

This is an introduction to sol (sun) wheel lace or spider web needlelace medallions which are traditionally sewn together into delicate overall lace patterns. We will examine some early lace pieces (including one with drawn threadwork, the earliest kind of Teneriffe Lace!) and analyze the stitches employed in a variety of patterns. We will see how single medallions are perfect for making delicately patterned buttons and will discuss a couple of ways laceweight yarns can be incorporated to make Teneriffe Lace buttons to match your weaving or knitwear. We will then thread our own wooden wheel shaped looms and make a first lace covered button in class. All stages of button completion will be covered in a handout. All materials will be provided.