ruffle scarf by Loyce Ericson

WS 762 Felted Ruffled Scarves 2 ways


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WS 762 Felted Ruffled Scarves 2 ways Fee $120 Wet Felting Instructor: Loyce Ericson When: Sunday, Sep 24, 9:30-4:30pm Skill Level: Some Experience Ruffles and more ruffles wrapped delicately around your neck. We will learn to make two types of hand felted ruffled scarves. Using luscious china silk we will add fine merino wool, some water, a little agitation magic and you will be able to wear your first scarf. Next, we will layout fine merino wool and by manipulating the direction of the fibers and the thickness we will make a self ruffling scarf. Students need to wear clothes that can get wet, bring an old towel or two, and a plastic grocery bag to take home wet items. Be aware that felting is a vigorous physical activity and requires upper body health.