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WS 773 Basic weaving & Intro to Dressing Yourself From Your Small Loom


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WS 773 Basic weaving & Intro to Dressing Yourself From Your Small Loom Fee $70 Weaving, Garment Design Instructor: Hazel Spencer When: Sunday, Sep 24, 9:30-12:30pm Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate We would start with learning basic continuous-strand weaving and offer an introduction to making clothing. We would be looking at construction methods from hand stitching to machine sewing, pattern construction and how to fit a garment to yourself or another as well as how to handle your handwoven fabric for machine sewing. We would cover loom formed clothing, cut and sew projects. We will look at seaming techniques, edgings, weaving stitch patterns, and information on how to make or modify clothing patterns and such details of clothing construction as would be needed to begin making garments at home. Students should bring yarn, needles/ hooks, loom, yarn needle, long sewing pins, measuring tape, pencil, notebook, scissors, loom ( looms will be available for purchase, or borrow for the class.) a sewing pattern for a plain top that fits you or a well-fitting tshirt, would be handy. Looms needed for this class can be 4,or 6" square 3-pin looms or 3.5 or 7" Quilt Weaver type square looms, any brand or homemade but need to be within this range.