WS 775 Spinning 2: Building on what you know – Class Full!


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WS 775 Spinning 2: Building on what you know
Fee $75 Spinning
Instructor: Laurie Weinsoft
When: Sunday, Sep 24, 9:30-12:30pm
Skill Level: Students must be able to spin a continuous thread

A more intensive look at spinning now that you can make your wheel spin yarn. How we go from bulky yarn to lace yarn and back again, spinning boucle yarns, plying techniques including Navaho ply, plying with beads, working with multi color rovings to create truly unique yarns and thread plying techniques. We will cover several advanced spinning techniques, including spinning on the fold, spinning un-carded wool, spinning woolen and worsted preparations and spinning from a cloud. A large variety of fibers will be available for experimentation including many exotics.