WS 785 Creating a Gradient Yarn: My Color Box


Fee $75 Spinning
Instructor: Laurie Weinsoft
When: Sunday, September 24th, 1:30 – 4:30
Skill Level: Able to spin a consistent singles yarn

The process of creating gradient yarns (yarns with long draws of one color that melts into the next color, usually changing from light to dark) has challenged spinners for ages. Thanks to some very clever dyers and carders, spinners are now able to create gradient colored yarns far more easily than ever before. This class is definitely for those spinners looking for new and more interesting ways to spin. Spinners who love color and want to learn to control the colors in their yarns but have always wondered how to do color control without becoming a fiber dyer will now find these techniques are fun but give amazing results. We will be spinning hand painted rovings in various ways to create your yarns. Students will need to bring along with their spinning wheels in good working order and three bobbins and your lazy kate, and wheel hook and a box any size of at least 24”x12”. Two hand painted rovings that look good together but are not necessarily related in any other way. The fibers can be different from one another as well.