WS 788 Exotic Fiber Spindling


WS 788 Exotic Fiber Spindling
Fee $65 Spindle spinning
Instructor: Amelia Garripoli
When: Sunday, Sep 24, 1:30-4:30pm
Skill Level: Basic spindle spinning and plying (top or bottom whorl).

Ooooh … alpaca, cashmere, camel, yak … luscious fibers! Enjoy these tactile sensations even more on your spindles. We’ll work on fine spindling, learning which spindles spin fine fibers, ways to control fiber and drafting for spinning the finest we can. Top whorl spindles, support spindles, and Akha spindles will be explored in this class. Students should bring spindles, carder or combs, If you’d like to, please bring sub-ounce spindles of your own to try out the techniques or for advice on their best use, and any fiber you’d like advice on spindling. If you already have them, bring handcards – some will be available for use in class as well.