WS 801 Organic Indigo


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WS 801 Organic Indigo
Fee $ 115 Dyeing
Instructor: Linda Hartshorn
When: 9:30:00 AM-4:30 PM Friday, September 21st
Skill Level: All welcome

Discover the Organic Indigo Vat, a way of indigo dyeing that uses fruits and other natural substances to dye beautiful natural blues. Developed by Michel Garcia, this method works faster than fermentation and does not require the use of chemicals. In our workshop we will create several different vats and dye fabric samples and wool yarns. Learn how to replenish and keep an indigo vat going. Create a mini vat in a jar to take home with you!
Students should bring Gloves, old clothes and/or apron, scissors, black Sharpie marker, one UNDYED skein of natural fiber yarn, maximum 4 oz., to dye as time permits.