WS 812 Broom Making…The Turkey Wing


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WS 812 Broom Making…The Turkey Wing
Fee $ 60 Broom Making
Instructor: John Simurdak
When: 9:30:00 AM-12:30 PM Friday, September 21st
Skill Level: All welcome

In the early days brooms were basically small sticks tied to a big stick. They were most effect on rough floors and yards, but not efficient in cleaning dust and/or ashes. For that function folks would use the wing of a bird and sweep with the feathers. As brooms began to be made from broom corn the shape of the earlier brooms where utilized, or in other words a useful whisk broom shaped like a wing.

Participants will learn to tie a Turkey Wing Whisk using a foot winder for tension. They will also learn how to platte a handle for that finish look. All materials will be provided.