WS 861 Maverick Dyeing!

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WS 861 Maverick Dyeing!
Fee $ 115 Dyeing
Instructor: Debbie Ellis
When: 9:30am-4:30 PM Sunday, September 23rd
Skill Level: All welcome

Who says you can’t combine natural botanicals with commercial dyes? The results can be stunning when you bundle leaves, barks, minerals and other materials into fabrics, then stew them up in a colorful dyepot! In this class, we will enclose these materials in both silk and wool fabrics, secure them tightly in a variety of ways, then simmer in acid dyes (the acid is vinegar). You will take home a variety of beautifully-dyed fabrics (including at least one ready-to-wear scarf), suitable for book arts, quilting, framing, or other artful projects.
Students should bring: All materials will be provided. Students may bring fresh botanicals to share, such as dark-petaled roses and rose leaves, staghorn sumac, maple, prunus (fruit tree leaves), oak, smokebush, sword fern, and other leaves they may want to try during this class.