WS 876 Woven Fair Isle (2-handed)


WS 876 Woven Fair Isle (2-handed)
Fee $ 55 Knitting
Instructor: Lisa Ellis
When: 9:30am-12:30 PM Sunday, September 23rd
Skill Level: Intermediate

Woven Fair Isle is simply Fair Isle without the floats. 2-handed knitting allows the knitter to weave in the un-knit color as you knit, thus eliminating the ugly strands in the back of the work that tend to get snagged, pulled and puckered. 2 color cast-on, reading a chart, color dominance and pro’s and con’s to floats versus weaving in will be practiced and discussed in class. This is a dynamic class for charts that don’t follow the traditional 5 stitch color change.
Students should bring yarn, fiber (wool, flax, etc.), Needles/ hooks