WS 882 Spindle Tricks


WS 882 Spindle Tricks
Fee $ 60 Spindle
Instructor: Amelia Garripoli
When: 1:30 PM-4:30 PM Sunday, September 23rd
Skill Level: Intermediate

The pursuit of crazy things to do on spindles fuels part of my passion for these portable tools. So if you like having even spinners stop and ask you “what are you doing?” as you wander around the OFFF marketplace with your newest spindle, come and learn my favorite spindle tricks. We will start with some basic tricks, such as starting without a leader and removing thick spots. Then we will take on the challenge of long-draw on a spindle, yes you can! If having one spindle is your goal, but spindle weight is your issue, we will explore how to mod your spindle to get the spindle you want without harming your spindle. If efficiency keeps you from your spindles, we will explore the wind-on and how to make it faster (and cooler looking, of course!). Then, we’ll explore making and using a Navajo plying ball, bet you’ve never heard of those before! The real conversation-piece is throw-plying; a sure attention-getter. We’ll wrap up with a Turkish trick that will have you packing your favorite Turkish spindle that never used to leave home for your next trip without worrying about a broken shaft ever again.
Students should bring bring your favorite drop spindles. Bring a straw from a fast-food place if you happen to get the opportunity (and that’s not just because I like to ask students to bring odd things).