WS 886 Bavarian Twisted knitting


WS 886 Bavarian Twisted knitting
Fee $ 55 Knitting
Instructor: Lisa Ellis
When: 1:30 PM-4:30 PM Sunday, September 23rd
Skill Level: Intermediate

Bavarian knitting, originating from the Bavarian Alps region comprises of traveling cables against twisted stitches. The twisted stitches create well defined stitches while the traveling cables have a nice design element and are usually 2 stitch cables that don’t require a cable needle. The patterns and charts appear complex and complicated, yet once you understand the chart symbols and gain simple breakdown of the stitch movement, it becomes easy to follow and quite addicting! Class covers a twisted German cast on, reading a Bavarian chart, working cables without a cable needle and 4 basic Bavarian cable stitches.